3 Tips for the Best Hawaii Vacation

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There is no better place to wear your bikini and to flaunt your sexy beach body than in the “Paradise of the Pacific” which is Hawaii. There are a lot of things to look forward to in this state such as the black and white sand beaches, the palm trees and tropical rainforests, the captivating ocean and waterfalls, the lush marine life, and the overall beauty of its natural scenery. Its land forms and natural attractions will surely lure every tourist to its paradise beauty – talk about the perfect beach trip!

Whatever kind of Hawaiian beach or nature adventure you are planning to do, make sure that you are all set before you travel. Read on the following Hawaii traveling tips that will help you in booking your exciting and exotic trip to the great islands of Hawaii.


When is the best time to go to Hawaii?

The right timing is actually the key to a great Hawaiian vacation experience. It will depend on your reason to visit Hawaii and your preference of Hawaiian adventure as well, that shall determine the right time for you to go to the Big Island.

For instance, if you want to go to Hawaii during the dry season with your whole family, then it is best for you to book a flight around the second and third quarter of the year specifically on the months of April to October. Bear in mind that this season will fall on the summer school break, that’s why you should expect that there are a lot of tourists that will also spend their vacation in Hawaii. So, make sure that you will book your flight and your hotel reservation in an earlier date to also get the cheapest rates and the best deals offered during the peak season.

However, if you are only going to Hawaii to surf and if you are avoiding a huge number of tourists during the peak season, then you should go there during the rainy season on the last quarter of the year. The rainy season is around November to December which makes it the perfect time and condition to surf as it brings stronger winds and bigger waves for surf addicts.

As a general rule, always remember to think about the reason why you want to go to Hawaii. Are you going there as a family? Do you want to go there for a regular beach trip or for an extreme water or nature activity? For whatever reason you have in taking a trip to Hawaii, always know that the weather and the duration of your vacation in one of the Islands are the most important things to consider.


What are the Best Places to visit in Hawaii?

You really have to think about the particular place and tourist attractions that you certainly want to see in Hawaii as there are over eight islands and more than 400 beaches in this state. Here are some of the best travel and adventure spots to help you decide on the places that you should see in Hawaii:

  • Beaches: Poipu Beach Kauai, which was named the best beach in America, features a great beach front that is a great swimming spot for families most especially for kids. It is a home for unique aquatic animals like the green sea turtles and monk seals that can normally be seen swimming in the ocean or sunbathing in the sand. It is one of the most popular and safest beaches to visit that’s near retail, food, and shopping establishments which really makes it a perfect location for families.
  • Snorkeling: Leleiwi Beach Park is the best snorkeling spot in Hawaii located at the Hilo coast. The Beach Park fronting Richardson Ocean Center is also a great place for family picnics and for surfing too.
  • Surfing: Waikiki is one of the most famous beaches in Hawaii as it is a beautiful white sand beach and a premier surfing spot. Taking surfing lessons here (individually or as a group) is a regular tourist attraction that can be availed for only $60.00 to $75.00


  • Water Falls: Akaka Falls located in Hamakua Coast is the best and the most majestic waterfall in Hawaii. It is only accessible by foot and it gives hikers a great and up-close nature experience before getting to the amazing 442 ft high waterfall.


What are the most important things to bring when traveling in Hawaii?

  • Sun Protection: Always bring your Sun Tan Lotion or Sun Block so you will be protected against sun burns during your whole week adventure under the sun. Bring a hat and shades too to protect your head and your eyes.
  • Sweater: It may be hot during the morning and in the afternoon but it will be windy and cold in the evening. So, bring a nice sweater to cover you up if you’re going to the beach at night.
  • Swim wear: Never forget to bring swim wears as this would be your outfit for the rest of your stay in Hawaii.
  • Swimming Accessories: Also bring goggles, floaters, beach toys for kids, and other swimming accessories that are necessary.
  • Casual clothes: Bring sets of casual wear like shorts, polo shirt’s, and dresses so that you’ll have something to wear for casual days outside of the beach area.
  • Gadgets: Camera and Mobile Phones are two of the most important gadgets that you should bring. The camera is of course needed to take valuable pictures of your adventures and scenic views in Hawaii, while your mobile phone’s main use is to have access to communication and internet connection incase of emergencies.
  • Map/Tour Books/Guide Books: Never ever forget to bring a map wherever you go as this will be your guide to make your Hawaiian tour safe and trouble-free.


Besides the 3 Hawaii traveling tips listed above, the best tip for having a great Hawaiian vacation is to make your travel tour last for more than 10 days.  A one week vacation in Hawaii is definitely not enough as you need to have a lot of time to spend on all different kinds of activities that Hawaii has to offer for all types of tourists. All in all, the best thing for you to do now is to prepare your passports, book a flight to the Big Island, gear up your hula dance moves, and be greeted with a warm Aloha!

Photo by Jeremy Bishop from Pexels

3 Tips for the Best Hawaii Vacation
Article Name
3 Tips for the Best Hawaii Vacation
Read on the following Hawaii traveling tips that will help you in booking your exciting and exotic trip to the great islands of Hawaii.

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